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Advance's industrial floor cleaning equipment includes scrubbers, sweepers, floor machines, and other specialty products. Browse our selection of Advance equipment below:

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    Manufacturer: Advance
    Model: Granterra™ Rider
    MSRP: Call for Price


    Length: 97 in. (246.3 cm)
    Height: 59.5 in. (151 cm)
    Width: 70.5 in. (179 cm)
    Weight: 4,100 lbs. (1,860 kg)
    Turning Radius: 68 in. (170 cm) left / 91 in. (241 cm) right

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Engine Make: GM® for LPG / Mitsubishi® for diesel
    Engine Type: 3 l for LPG
    Horsepower: 74 hp for GM / 47.3 hp for Mitsubishi


    Cleaning Path: 66 in. (167.6 cm) single-side brush / 78 in. (198 cm) dual-side brushes
    Broom Size: 50 in. (127 cm) main length / 24 in. (61 cm) side length
    Hopper: 63 in. (152 cm) max. dump
    Hopper Capacity: 27 cu. ft. (0.76 m³) / 1,800 lbs. (816.4 kg)

    Advance Granterra Rider

    Heavy-duty construction and massive capacity.

    The Granterra™ is the largest, most durable sweeper in the Advance line. Heavy-duty steel construction withstands years of rugged use, even in the harshest environments.

    Standard Features

    •  Equipped with a standard 50 inch main broom and single-side brush, the Granterra™ offers a 66 inch wide sweep path. Add an optional second side brush to expand the sweep path to a full 78 inches.  
    •  Granterra takes on your largest areas and voluminous debris, both indoor and outdoor. The huge 27 cubic foot hopper will gobble up 4 x 4s, 2 liter bottles, sand, gravel, paper – whatever you throw at it.  
    •  Granterra handles rough debris, but it’s easy on the operator. Comfort features include an adjustable suspension seat with lower back support, oversize tires for a smooth ride, and an available all-weather cab, complete with air conditioning, heat and defroster. Easily maneuver tight, congested areas with full time power steering, and single foot pedals to control forward and reverse.  
    •  Granterra is the ideal solution for facilities such as cement, gypsum, chemical, steel and utility warehouses; aluminum plants; foundries; and big box distribution centers. These high-production machines stand ever-ready to do your most difficult sweeping.  
    •  66 inch sweeping path with standard single-side broom, or 78 inch (198 centimeter) path with available dual-side brooms  
    •  Heavy-duty steel construction throughout for reliable performance and durability  
    •  Ergonomic cab and controls assure operator comfort and productivity  
    •  Large capacity 27 cubic foot hopper with available exclusive forward low dump  
    •  Advanced dust control and filtration systems  
    •  Complete instrumentation features hour and voltmeter, oil pressure, water temperature and electric fuel gauge


    •  Overhead guard  
    •  Safety lights  
    •  Dual-side brooms  
    •  SE air cleaner  
    •  All weather cab, available with air conditioning  
    •  Heater, defroster  
    •  Fire extinguisher and back-up alarm system  
    •  Various types of brooms



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