Fleet Management

What gets measuerd, gets managed. TOYOTA FLEET is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to fleet management designed to create long-term partnerships, not just short-term gains. 

Toyota T-Matics

Available as a factory-installed option or an aftermarket addition, T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND deliver important insights about your forklift and operators to help increase uptime and profitability. T-Matics MOBILE is a mobile forklift management system and is great for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. T-Matics COMMAND® is a robust forklift and forklift operator management system that transfers data through WiFi, but requires the forklifts to be locked to a single location.

Toyota T-Matics Vehicle Management System

Data is becoming increasingly important in the material handling industry, which is why telematics systems are growing in popularity. Toyota’s own telematics system, T-Matics, is a fleet management tool that utilizes a Vehicle Management System (VMS) to track and report operating behavior of a forklift and/or a forklift operator.

A VMS is a valuable tool that facilitates the transfer of operating data from a forklift to individuals via standard or customized reports.

Why Invest in a Vehicle Management System?

T-Matics offers a solution that will give greater visibility to your fleet’s performance. What are some of T-Matics’ notable features?

  • Electronic Hour Meter Collection
  • Fully Mobile
  • Fault Code Reporting*
  • Impact Detection
  • Fleet Utilization/Optimization
  • Asset Tracking with GPS
  • Web-Based Dashboards & Reporting

*Only available on select 8-Series Toyota forklifts.

How Can Toyota T-Matics Vehicle Management System Increase Profits?

Toyota T-Matics is a fleet management tool that reports on the utilization, productivity, and maintenance needs of an individual forklift, an entire fleet and/or an individual forklift operator.

T-Matics measures data and facilitates data-driven operational decisions which can, in turn, increase profits:

  • Reduce labor costs and fleet size without reducing output
  • Reduce planned and unplanned maintenance costs
  • Reduce damage to assets and product
  • Reduce lost productivity by monitoring operator behavior

T-Matics will help also create accountability among forklift operators and provide the data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, and logistics in the workplace.

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T-Matics Mobile

T-Matics MOBILE is a forklift-based, cellular solution, meaning the data will transfer anywhere an appropriate cellular signal is detected and will transmit data on the forklift only.

T-Matics Command

T-Matics COMMAND is facility-based forklift and forklift operator management solution, meaning the forklift must stay within a certain range of the facility and can transmit data on the forklift as well as the individual forklift operator.


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