Financing should be easy, with multiple ways to pay. Dillon Toyota Lift will work with you to understand what financcing programs make the most sense for your business.

Financial Services

Selecting the right financing is just as important as choosing the right equipment.  Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF) makes it easy and affordable to get the right equipment for the job. TICF offers a variety of loan and lease products and programs to help you find the equipment you need. Use this equipment lease calculator to esitmate what your lease may cost. 

Whether your job calls for used forklifts, non-Toyota equipment, racking, one truck or an entire fleet, our financial experts can help you get the equipment you need with the best financing option for your operation. TICF utilizes a streamlined process that makes acquiring and paying for equipment as easy as they are to drive.

Finance Options

Enables you to keep the pride of ownership without the cost of paying for your equipment up-front.

Utilize top-of-the-line equipment typically without full cost of ownership and offers cash management flexibility in the structuring of lease payments.

Lease your equipment for a set term with an option to purchase for a nominal amount at the end of term, no penalties for operating conditions and no overtime charges.

Ideal for companies with contract commitments and any anticipated changes in market conditions. Lease your equipment for a specific initial term with an option to renew for a second, or more, term(s) at predetermined lease payments.    

Developed to accommodate the long-term demands generated by fleet operations. Fleet owners can make multiple purchases over an extended period of time and can be utilized with any of our lease options.

Know you are pre-approved for whatever equipment you may need and draw upon without delay. Credit Lines are valid for one year from approval.  

Control your maintenance costs with a variety of full maintenance options.  A predetermined payment covers maintenance expenses for the life of the lease. One payment per month and your equipment is serviced by Toyota Certified Technicians.

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Advantages of Leasing

  Cash Management

  • Lower monthly expense compared to regular financing
  • Ability to conserve cash
  • Ability to keep cash available for other corporate investments with greater return
  • Typically no money down
  • Improves overall cash flow

  Maximize Equipment Use

  • Maximize the use of equipment typically without paying for the full cost of ownership
  • Ability to budget expenses and forecast fleet replacement cycles
  • At lease termination, return the equipment and replace with new equipment
  • No worrying about selling the equipment or negotiating trade-in values

  Flexibility & Convenience

  • Access to most current technology and safety features through shorter term trade/usage cycles
  • Arrange to return equipment at the end of the lease or the option to purchase
  • Flexible and convenient method of acquiring the "use" of equipment to meet the ever changing needs of business

  Tax Benefits

  • Tax benefits may apply for leased equipment
  • Lease payments may be deductible for federal income tax purposes

*Tax Advisor should be consulted for details.

  End of Term Options

  • Opportunity to walk away
  • Short term lease extensions available if necessary

  Additional Advantages

  • Ability to match specific lease periods with contract commitments
  • Reduced financial exposure on depreciating assets
  • Minimized future financial exposure from high maintenance and repair costs
  • Alternative to capital budget investments to obtain additional equipment