Dillon Toyota Lift is your full solutions provider - we have the products, services and solutions for all your material handling needs. 

Is Your Warehouse Management System Working?

Technology influx has provided operations with a more successful, data-oriented, and insights-driven approach to warehouse management. Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology allows warehouse leaders to make informed decisions about many elements of their facility, from material type to throughput to equipment. Those managers who invest heavily in the use of their WMS and who take the time to expertly learn and manage the software, become well-informed about the function of their warehouses, and give themselves a competitive advantage. The issue with maintaining that competitive advant
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Hangcha XE Series Electric Lithium-ion Pneumatic Forklift

Introducing the new Hangcha XE Series Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift with a 4,000-7,600lb capacity. The new XE Series of lithium-ion pneumatic forklifts were designed from the ground up to provide operators with a true lithium-ion alternative to I.C. pneumatic forklifts. Because of this, the integrated 80V lithium-ion forklift features lift speeds, travel speeds, gradeability, ground clearance, and a competitive price point. The XE Series: A True Lithium-ion Powered Competitor to I.C. Pneumatic Forklifts Hangcha designed the XE Series to include double permanent magnet synchrono
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Which Forklift is Best for Heavy Duty Lifting?

Do you ever find yourself needing a forklift with a higher lifting capacity? When lifting large, heavy objects, you need a forklift that can confidently and efficiently get the job done. Toyota?s line of Heavy Duty Forklifts is in a class of its own. With capacities ranging from 15,000-125,000 lb, these lifts can be used in a variety of environments such as ports, steel mills, lumberyards, oil refineries, and many others. Let?s explore the different types of heavy-duty forklifts and the applications best suited for each. High-Capacity Cushion Forklift The High-Capacity Cushion Forklif
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Navigating the Airport With Columbia

Some of the largest airports and airlines in the world rely on Columbia Vehicles to transport passengers, cargo, and equipment day in and day out.   Transportation Inside the Airport Columbia Stockchaser?s Transport model is popular inside the airport because it can seat and move up to six passengers at once and its small form factor allows it to move through large passenger and freight elevators. Its exceptional maneuverability and narrow design helps it to navigate busy terminals while moving passengers safely and efficiently. With the stand-up position of the operator, they are able t
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The Full Line of Toyota Products

Toyota offers material handling solutions for almost any need. Our innovative engineers produce some of the world?s most trustworthy material handling equipment, and all models come with a guarantee of quality, durability, reliability, and value. While many customers are aware of a few of our product offerings, look here, and we?ll show you that Toyota truly is your full solutions provider. Toyota Electric Forklifts: For the customer who needs an all-electric fleet, Toyota offers Electric Forklifts for a variety of uses. The Core Electric Forklift provides indoor solutions for your needs
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Save time and money by sourcing parts for your entire fleet from Dillon Toyota Lift.  We stock both Toyota Genuine Parts and STARLIFT parts to keep your equipment performing optimally.

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Dillon Toyota Lift is here to support you.  We have a GPS dispatched team of mobile technicians ready to perform service and repairs directly from your own facility. We will provide you with the highest level of support and service in the industry.

From preventative maintenance to complete repair services, our certified technicians can be dispatched 24/7 to get your business back on track. Our service department is prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding the care and performance of your industrial equipment.


The Best Solutions For Your Warehouse

Warehouse Solutions

Increasing warehouse efficiency means strategically placing and using the right kinds of racking and equipment. It's not uncommon for warehouses to have 2-3 types of racking. Racking options include pushback, roll-formed, structural cantilever, drive-in, and more. From warehouse design and installation, racking, mezzanines, dock seals, dock levelers, conveyors, and safety equipment, we are here to help. 



Dillon Toyota Lift offers daily, weekly, and monthly forklift rentals to best fit your needs. Our rental fleets include sit-down and stand-up forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, forklift attachments, and more.

We have a wide variety of rentals available from brands like Sellick, Advance, Aisle-Master, & Toyota Industrial. Dillon Toyota Lift is proud to work with you directly to answer your questions and determine the best equipment for your particular needs.



Providing safety training is the responsibility of every employer.  Dillon Toyota Lift's expert instructors train operators through a course of formal instruction, practical training, and evaluation of workplace performance to keep you in compliance with OSHA training requirements. 

We offer classes for your forklift operators and in-house trainers.