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    Manufacturer: Advance
    Model: CS7000 LPG / Gas Hybrid
    MSRP: Call for Price


    Length: 103 in. (262 cm)
    Height: 59 in. (150 cm) / 82 in. (208 cm) standard overhead guard / 79 in. (201 cm) low clearance overhead guard
    Width: 48 in. (122 cm)
    Weight: 3,636 lbs. (1,649 kg) empty / 4,676 lbs. (2,121 kg) GVW
    U-Turn Aisle Width: 104 in. (264 cm) minimum
    Sound Level: 82 dBA (IEC60335-2-72)

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Engine Make: Kubota®
    Engine Model: WG972
    Engine Type: 3-cylinder, 0.96 l
    Horsepower: 30 hp (22 kW)
    Drive System: 
    Variable speed brushless A/C drive propulsion system
    5.5 hr. LPG run time with 32 lb. (14.5 kg) tank
    5.9 hr. gas run time with 9.2 gal. (35 l) tank


    Cleaning Path:
    61 in. (154 cm) sweeping path with dual-side brooms, squeegee path width is fully swept; 146,400 sq. ft./hr. (13,600 m²/hr.) sweeping coverage
    48 in. (122 cm) scrubbing path; 118,600 sq. ft./hr. (11,000 m²/hr.) scrubbing coverage
    Vacuum: Dual vacuum fan motors capable of 48 in. (122 cm) waterlift for recovery vacuum
    Broom Size: 36 x 12.2 in. (90 x 31 cm) main
    Brush Type: Disc
    Brush Size: 17 in. (43 cm)
    Brushes: 3
    Brush Pressure: 3 scrub pressure settings up to 400 lbs. (182 kg) of down force at max. setting
    Hopper: 60 in. (152 cm) max. dump height
    Hopper Capacity: 7 cu. ft. (198 l) / 300 lbs. (136 kg)
    Solution/Recovery Tanks: 75 gal. (285 l) solution and recovery tanks
    Dust Control:
    115 sq. ft. (10.7 m²) Donaldson high-capacity PowerCore® UltraWeb® filter with synthetic media, variable frequency automatic filter shaker
    29 gal. (110 l) DustGuard™ tank capacity

    Advance CS7000 LPG / Gas Hybrid

    Greener. Cleaner. Smarter.

    The industry's first hybrid and ePower™ drive combination sweeper / scrubbers slash your total cost of ownership.

    The New Green Class of Industrial Cleaning Technology has Arrived
    In a single broad stroke, the Advance CS7000 Combination Sweeper / Scrubber reinvents an entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership — including operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and run time efficiency. Now, the most economical solution is also the most ecological.  

    Available in 3 models, LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid, and ePower™ Battery, the CS7000 delivers unparalleled performance, while replacing power-hungry, high-maintenance hydraulic systems with efficient, state-of-the-art Electric Drive technology. Whichever model you choose, the CS7000 delivers a lower cost of ownership and the most sustainable cleaning solution in its class.  

    Dedicated Dry Sweep and Wet Scrubbing for One-pass Cleaning
    Like other combination sweeper / scrubbers, the CS7000 lets you sweep and scrub in a single pass. But that’s where the similarities end. Compared to competitive dual cylindrical sweeper / scrubber designs, the CS7000 utilizes a cylindrical sweeping system and a separate disc scrubbing system. Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions with one-pass cleaning power keep dry debris dry without introducing scrub solution into the debris hopper. This provides operators and equipment owners with increased productivity and reduced maintenance.  

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    The CS7000 dispels the complexity and high maintenance of hydraulic systems that power conventional sweeper / scrubbers. We’ve eliminated large hydraulic reservoirs, filters and oil coolers as well as 98% of the leak-prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors and valves. Hydraulic drives have been replaced with an intelligent system of electronically-controlled, low-maintenance electric drives. This technology shift alone will save the average owner thousands of dollars in reduced maintenance costs.


    •  EcoFlex™ System with dual detergent cartridges  
    •  Heated water supply  
    •  Extended scrub recycling system  
    •  Overhead guard, bumper guards, tail lights  
    •  Onboard pressure washer or low pressure spray hose


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