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Friday, January 6, 2023

Because Columbia vehicles are so much more than a golf cart, our team of highly qualified engineers are passionate about ensuring each component in a Columbia vehicle is energy efficient and ready to safely move you and your team. Their dedication makes owning and operating a Columbia vehicle a breeze with its sophisticated simplicity!

Here are 5 complex Columbia vehicle elements, simplified:

  • The Controller -  Our controllers contain advanced software technology for a smoother ride. Driving a Columbia vehicle feels like driving the car that took you to work today!
  • Energy Storage - High-efficiency lead acid batteries allow for more energy to make its way to the Controller and then for most of that energy to be transferred to the drive system. Columbia also now offers a lithium battery option in our Utilitruck! Lithium batteries  increase performance and put your mind at ease; with its advanced technology, the controller for our lithium batteries will alert you when energy storage is low instead of unexpectedly losing power completely! Lithium is also maintenance-free, unlike standard batteries that need just a bit more attention. All of our vehicle options allow you to conveniently plug directly into a standard outlet for easy battery charging on the go.
  • The Drivetrain - Responsible for delivering power from the battery to the wheels, Columbia endeavors to have an advanced understanding of the drivetrain duty cycle to help you choose the best vehicle to match your job!
  • Speed Sensitive Power Steering* - While it may not be seen as an essential to some, this complex feature under the hood makes your life easier by delivering only the assist you need, providing you with maximum steering response and driving stability.
  • Safety - The most important vehicle elements under the hood are our safety features. The Columbia team strives to be the safest on the market! Top safety features are brake lights, automatic parking brake, back-up camera, and charger anti-drive-away interlock, which prevents the vehicle from being driven away while actively charging. These features are in place to keep you and your team safe on the job!

Columbia’s Engineering Research and Development department is constantly working to innovate and introduce new products and services, while striving to implement the latest technology in battery charging. Looking to the future, we will continue to evaluate the evolution of energy storage and look for advanced charging solutions beyond lithium.

The takeaway? Columbia has a sophisticated vehicle to make any job you throw at it, simple. Contact our team at to find out what Columbia can do to simplify your workload! Or locate one of our exceptional dealers at

All features mentioned in this article may not be available on all models. 


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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Columbia’s Expediter is the productivity specialist in our industrial lineup. Versatility is the bread and butter of this model, making it the favorite of many rental customers who serve a vast array of customer types. If you have a wide variety of indoor transportation needs, the Expediter is built for you! Let’s dive into the many areas the Expediter can serve your team for maximum productivity.


The Expediter provides your team with efficient transportation and an increased range of work. With a speed of 8.5 MPH, the Expediter travels at about 3 times the speed of walking, so in large, indoor facilities, utilizing the Expediter to cover more area in less time is a no-brainer. Beyond speed, the Expediter also provides the range for your team to cover miles at a time with a fraction of the fatigue that walking would impose, making for a more productive workforce. With its standard fold-down seat, the Expediter quickly provides space for a second seat to move personnel comfortably and quickly. Facilities like convention centers, distribution warehouses, or hospitals can be daunting to traverse, but the Expediter provides abundant efficiency and range so you can keep your focus on work. 




While Columbia’s Payloader is the burden-carrying specialist in our lineup, the Expediter packs a punch with its compact profile, allowing you to haul equipment and even tow up to 1,000 pounds! While equipped to transport a second passenger, the Expediter’s back deck is also engineered to carry your team’s heavy equipment with a total payload capacity of 750lbs. In a perfect merging of attributes between the Payloader and Chariot, the Expediter provides rugged power in a smaller frame for tighter spaces and maximum versatility.

Payload & Towing


Custom Solutions

As with many of our vehicle models, we’re ready to curate the Expediter with your team’s specific needs. We want your Expediter fleet to be ready for work upon arrival, so we offer the option for a built-in, durable toolbox on the back deck, where you can store loose equipment safely. You can also equip the Expediter with an extended deck, different steering wheel designs, an enclosed cab, a safety light, large stand-up handrails, and much more! Additionally, our team is always ready to innovate custom solutions for your unique needs, and the Expediter is the perfect model for versatile features!

Custom Solutions


Are you ready to skyrocket your team’s productivity? Rely on the Expediter to serve in whatever areas of work challenge you. 

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Columbia's Stockchaser is our lineup's most compact industrial vehicle. While it has some well-known uses, the Stockchaser offers surprising versatility. To help convey these many functions, let's dive into three specific jobs the Stockchaser excels in.


Compact Material Handling

The Stockchaser is best known for its maneuverability while maintaining the ability to carry your heaviest of loads. Whether you navigate a warehouse, distribution center, or any other tight space, the Stockchaser will make your job easy. Not only does the Stockchaser boast an impressive 66.5-inch turning radius, but curated options like a stepladder for reaching higher shelves will ensure that you’re equipped in every facet for maximum efficiency. 


Transporting Passengers

While Columbia’s Stockchaser is most commonly used in industrial spaces, it’s also the perfect vehicle for indoor guest transport. With the Stockchaser Transport package, you’re equipped with a comfortable, compact vehicle to serve up to six passengers. Our Stockchaser Transport is perfect for your hospital, airport, or any other sizable indoor space where your guests need to be given a pleasant, timely ride.


Versatile Towing

While we’ve gone through the Stockchaser’s most well-known uses, this Columbia model still boasts impressive capability in another function that is often overlooked or under-utilized: towing. The Stockchaser’s base model comes standard with a towing capacity of up to 1000 lbs, but this can be upgraded by 600% with the towing package! While Columbia offers other robust models that are built to handle the heaviest of loads, the Stockchaser is the perfect compact vehicle for towing through tight aisles or in any other limited space!

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Columbia offers an extensive lineup of electric utility vehicles, for both commercial and industrial uses. One of the most common customer needs is the ability to carry and tow large loads, without compromising maneuverability or ease of use, and the Payloader fits the bill!


Columbia's Payloader is incredibly powerful and versatile. Whether your needs are simply to carry heavy loads, transport personnel, tow, or a combination of these functions, the Payloader can be curated into the ultimate solution. Let's dig into some of the unique functions that the Payloader has taken on for our customers:


Carrying Cargo:

Any industrial utility vehicle lineup needs a burden carrier workhorse. Columbia's Payloader takes on that role with ease, as it boasts a 2,400lbs standard rated capacity that can be upgraded to 4,000lbs, more than enough for carrying heavy loads of crane rigging equipment at DAB Constructors in Florida!



The Payloader's large deck and versatility make it the perfect candidate as a refuse vehicle for custodian services. Your team will be impressed with the performance and ease of use provided by the Payloader refuse options. Santa Monica College relies on our Payloaders to maintain their beautiful campus year-round!



The standard payloader outfit offers a 6,500lbs towing capacity; however, the super duty payloader boasts a towing capacity of up to 18,000lbs! This capability can be utilized for virtually any towing requirements your team may have. Columbia’s Payloader was entrusted to tow sixteen wine barrels at Kosta Browne Winery in California - a job that would have been extremely tedious and frustrating without a robust electric vehicle to handle the job!

Columbia Payloader- vineyard-1


Passenger Transport:

While the Payloader is best known for excelling in carrying cargo and towing loads, it offers incredible opportunities in transporting personnel and guests. Because of the Payloader’s increased capacity, it can transport people quickly and efficiently, without adverse effects on performance. The University of Oregon rests easy on game day knowing the dependability of the Payloader won’t let them down!

Oregon Vehicle-1

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Columbia is proud to offer advantageous purchasing options for governmental agencies looking to save time and money by dodging the bidding process entirely. One of those options is National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance or NCPA. 


Sounds great, but what is NCPA?

Great Question. The NCPA is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states. NCPA utilizes state-of-the-art procurement resources and solutions that result in cooperative purchasing contracts that ensure all public agencies are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Columbia’s Lead Agency: The lead agency or first organization to negotiate a contract with Columbia and the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) was Region 14 Education Service Center. Region 14 ESC is located in Abilene, Texas, and comprises 43 school districts.  Because Region 14 ESC did all of the work of going through the bid process and signing a contract with us, any agency that qualifies for purchasing through the NCPA will automatically receive the best price possible that was established for Region 14 ESC. This allows Columbia to focus on finding the perfect vehicle solution for other organizations that want to purchase through the NCPA. 


Interesting. But what does this all mean for me and my procurement efforts?

Basically, utilizing Columbia’s contract with NCPA means that you have access to pre-negotiated pricing between Columbia and a governmental lead agency. By utilizing the work done with the lead agency, you are left with two massive benefits:

TIME SAVED: Normally, you would be stuck in the middle of the bid process for weeks or months, waiting on the negotiations that establish the correct pricing from all bidders. By working with Columbia and NCPA, this process has been completed ahead of time, allowing you to pass by this long ordeal entirely.

MONEY SAVED: Most Procurement teams know the struggle of fighting for the best pricing within the bidding system. By working with Columbia and NCPA, you are able to take advantage of the work done by the lead agency who negotiated the best possible competitive pricing.

To learn more about your state's laws on cooperative purchasing and see if you qualify for NCPA, click HERE. Register for the NCPA HERE.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Columbia's Industrial Vehicle lineup is highlighted by its "big three". The"big three" consists of Columbia's Payloader, Stockchaser, and Expeditor Vehicles. These vehicles provide dependability, durability, and cost savings, allowing you to keep your focus on productivity. While we offer other industrial vehicles as well, typically, the "big three" is able to equip our industrial partners for whatever challenge they need help overcoming:

  • Heavy duty towing
  • Personnel transportation 
  • Cargo distribution with great maneuverability

These three vehicles represent the heart and soul of Columbia vehicles: they're built to equip our partners in creating more efficient, more effective work environments. While our vehicles boast excellent performance and durability, our relationships are our focus. We're determined to provide electric vehicle solutions for your warehouse or distribution center, no matter what that entails. Our "big three" are available in curated standard configurations that address the typical challenges of an industrial environment; however, we specialize in going the extra mile to create custom upgraded industrial vehicles for your work environment.


Payloader: The Payloader offers unmatched versatility in carrying and towing ability while providing a level of maneuverability beyond the typical heavy material handler.


Stockchaser: The Stockchaser is the way to move heavy loads in tight spaces. With a deck capacity of up to 1,200lbs, you'll be hard-pressed to find more cargo capacity.

Expeditor: The Expeditor is your top-performing productivity partner, getting you where you're going quickly and safely.



See the Columbia Utility Vehicles HERE

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Columbia has a reputation for being the most robust utility vehicle line-up on the market, and in an effort to deliver the best transportation solutions for your needs, we’ve re-envisioned the Columbia line-up. We’d like to (re)introduce you to the Magnificent 7: Chariot, Expediter, Stockchaser, Journeyman, Utilitruck, Custom Platform, and our ever popular Payloader. Each of these vehicles are ideally suited for different tasks, so let’s look at the new line-up a little more closely, and see how each vehicle can meet your transportation needs.

Chariot: Our Chariot saves valuable time getting to work, enabling key personnel to spend more time doing work. The Chariot moves managers, executives, security, floor staff, and others around indoor and outdoor facilities quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Pure electric power, narrow width design, tight turning radius, and stand-up operation give you long range, impressive maneuverability, and high visibility everywhere you go.
Columbia Expediter-PlantExpediter: The Expediter is designed for maximum productivity without compromising speed or safety. Its narrow design, tight turning radius and impressive capacity rating enables you to deliver payloads through tight spots or right up to the job site. A standard fold-down seat back converts the Expediter into a two-person transport, making it perfect for pulling double duty in any facility. 

 Columbia Stockchaser-Climbing Ladder WarehouseStockchaser:  Replace large, inefficient material handlers with a smaller, faster utility vehicle perfect for order-picking, stock replenishment, towing, hauling and more. An industry leading 48-volt electric power system and 133-inch turning radius make it the perfect choice to handle loads in tight spaces just about anywhere—all day long. Stand-up operation and adjustable backrest provide safety and comfort while a tubular steel chassis and steel body panels make it as rugged as it is maneuverable.


2xl & 4+2Journeyman: Engineered to boost productivity and easily adapt and transform from one job to another, the Journeyman is ideal for maintenance, higher education, hospitality, construction, or any other space where safe, efficient transportation is vital. The Journeyman series is available in a range of sizes, configurations, and upfits to carry two to six passengers safely and in comfort just about anywhere—including public roads.


Utilitruck: Tackle the tasks golf carts simply aren’t built for and get more done with the same versatile vehicle. The Utilitruck can carry two passengers and over 1,000 pounds and configured through an endless combination of mission-specific upfits for greater capability where you need it most. Go even further and customize your vehicle for unique environments, workloads, and accessibility needs. The Utilitruck can be tailored to fit virtually any vehicle application.

Custom Platform: Our Custom Platform's innovative design offers various drive axle and battery pack configurations for optimal balance in payload carrying capacity, maximum range, and top turning performance. An optional Speed Rail Attach System allows for hundreds of platform upfits.



Payloader: Take light or heavy loads to places other high-capacity burden carriers simply can’t go and replace forklifts with a safer alternative. The Payloader carries up to 4,000 pounds, tows up to 18,000 pounds, and travels up to 17 miles per hour while offering exceptional maneuverability and efficiency without sacrificing durability. We use the same steel chassis for all weight classes to provide the dependability you need from a heavy carrier.



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