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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

For the past 50 years, Toyota Material Handling has been working to bring you everything you need to help with your material handling needs. In an effort to innovate, TMH is proud to collaborate with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics (TAL) company. TAL was formed in 2017, when Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) acquired Bastian Solutions, LLC to better align with market changes and customer needs in the area of logistics. TAL focuses on effectively blending advanced warehouse automation with material handling solutions TAL companies are working towards bringing technological enhancements to our customer’s facilities and provide solutions to clients to excel in their markets. Together with Toyota Material Handling, the North American leaders in forklift manufacturing and automation technology work as one to deliver quality and success in a new era of material handling solutions.

What are Advanced Logistics?

Logistics needs are shifting across industries to respond to a changing, internet sales driven era. When we speak of advanced logistics, we mean providing companies with technologies that respond to increased demands of the market and providing integrated material handling solutions that marry automated processes to manual operation. This could be many different things, from automated guided vehicles, to conveyor systems, and even different types of automated order picking machines. There are plenty of technologies that companies can use, and you can work with TAL professionals to see which types would work best for you.

What else does Toyota Advanced Logistics Offer?

As well as offering products to increase your throughput, TAL also offers several services that can assist you in achieving logistics success. Bastian Solutions, for example, can assist with conveyor design, labor management, distribution facility design, and fleet optimization. TAL and Bastian leadership understand the importance of ensuring that your operations are running at maximum efficiency, even after the implementation of the new technology. Operator and Supervisory training, change management, and workforce planning and forecasting are available. Toyota Material Handling and TAL want to make sure you receive a total logistics solution before, during, and after the automation process is installed.

As you can see, Toyota Material Handling and TAL are partnered to deliver on the promise to be the complete solution to your material handling needs. With so many different solutions, we are bound to help your operations increase efficiency, make use of your space, and continually help you reach your highest potential.

Original Post: Lucas Collom, Digital Projects Administrator, Toyota Material Handling

Posted by tfinco at 7/16/2019 5:01:00 PM
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Forklift accidents can happen anywhere, but because loading docks are typically narrow and elevated, they’re one place where extra caution should be used. Common loading dock incidents include falling off the edge of the dock, and skidding or slipping due to wet or icy conditions. So how can the risk of loading dock accidents be reduced?

First and foremost, make sure the trailer is secured to the dock using a locking device, either on the trailer’s rear impact guard or rear wheel.  One common and dangerous issue that can arise when loading and unloading trailers in a loading dock, is the truck driver not realizing the forklift is still in the truck and pulling away, which causes the forklift to roll out. “Trailer Creep”, which happens when trailers gradually move away from the dock because of constant movement inside them, can also happen. The only way to prevent these two things from happening is to completely secure the trailer with a locking device on the trailer’s rear impact guard or rear wheel.

Clean off the surface of the loading dock. One common cause of accidents involving forklifts and loading docks is ice or water covering the dock. Clean the dock off before operating the forklift on it to help prevent sliding issues.

Also, remember to always maintain a safe distance from the edge of the loading dock. OSHA doesn’t recommend a specific measurement between a forklift and the edge of a loading dock, but you should implement good judgment to avoid falling off the side of the loading dock. Painting the edges of the loading dock a bright color is one thing you can do to help forklift operators stay aware of dock edges.

By doing the three things above, you’re well on your way to reducing accidents on loading docks, but keep these things in mind too:

  • Anyone operating a forklift should be trained. Proper operating training is the number-one way to prevent accidents.
  • Implementing a daily loading dock inspection is important to the safety of operators and truck drivers alike.
  • Keep the product secure on your pallets by covering them in plastic or metal.
  • Double check floors of trailers before driving on them to ensure they’re sturdy enough to handle the weight of the forklift.
  • Consider creating a dock shelter to keep rain and snow off loading docks, which can cause them to be slippery.

Original Post:  Jake Stewart, Digital Copywriter, Toyota Material Handling USA

Posted by tfinco at 6/12/2019 12:11:00 PM
Friday, March 15, 2019

It’s a given – Dillon Toyota Lift has you covered when it comes to forklifts.  But did you know we also offer racking, dock equipment, cleaning equipment, scissor lifts, batteries, and attachments? That’s right – DTL is your full solutions provider for everything material handling, including warehouse design!   

Do you need to set up a new warehouse or better utilize your current space? Dillon Toyota Lift's Warehouse Solutions team can provide project design and layout, seismic engineering, permit application/approval, and more.  Not only that, we can purchase the racking and warehouse systems, and manage the installation process. Leave it to our in-house Warehouse Solutions team to figure out just what you need.

Does your warehouse or facility need a good cleaning? DTL also offers a full-line of Advance Industrial Cleaning Equipment that includes sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubbers and wet/dry vacs.  

Do you need more space in your facility? Dillon Toyota Lift also offers mezzanies.  Mezzanines can create additional space for a variey of different uses from storage to extra office space.  

As you can see, Dillon Toyota Lift has specialties that extend beyond the #1 selling forklift (Toyota).  If we can’t provide a solution, we can point you to an expert. So, the next time you need something unique for your facility or business, contact Dillon Toyota Lift!

Posted by tfinco at 3/15/2019 7:00:00 PM
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