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It's our job to provide the ultimate customer experience - from the moment we begin a conversation and throughout the entire lifespan of your equipment, the experienced account managers at Dillon Toyota Lift are ready to assist.



Not just anyone becomes a leader at Dillon Toyota Lift dealerships – it's a privilege that is not taken lightly. Dillon Toyota Lift leaders are associates who have spent years learning about forklifts, the material handling industry, and growing in the Toyota culture. We are a family-owned business that understands and appreciates the need for greater efficiency, high productivity and a strong ROI. When you need a trusted ally for your business, Dillon Toyota Lift is ready to assist.


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Account Managers

You have many financing options, but unlike any of the others – Toyota's leasing professionals are 100% focused on Toyota forklifts and industrial equipment. Toyota leasing professionals understand businesses like yours and work with you to get you into the best deal for maximum ROI. Toyota's fully-owned finance company, Toyota Commercial Finance, takes the time to learn and understand your goals and, in line with the Toyota's product quality, offers the highest residuals in the industry. Toyota Forklift's leasing professionals are your number-one resource for financing your forklifts and other industrial equipment.


Meet the Account Managers



Toyota forklift technicians undergo a rigorous in-house certification process that, once completed, makes them the most highly trained and skilled technicians in the industry. Toyota forklift technicians are the lifeblood of our business and when you work with one, you'll know why. Not only are they extremely good at what they do, Toyota forklift technicians are customer-focused, goal-oriented individuals whose number-one priority is to keep you and your business up and running in the right direction.