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Sweepers.  Scrubbers.  Sweeper-Scrubbers.  Industrial strength cleaning equipment that is easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain for tough industrial cleaning needs.  


Facilities can get dirty fast and you may need to clean multiple types of surfaces, from warehouse floors to harsh environments.  Dillon Toyota Lift offers the largest selection of Advance Industrial cleaning equipment including sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubbers and wet/dry vacs.  Advance Industrial equipment is designed to increase productivity, while driving down the cost to clean.  The equipment is easy to operate and maintain.  

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Providing safety training is the responsibility of every employer and training must be completed prior to operation at your facility.  Refresher or re-certification training must also be conducted at least once every three years.  The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has very clear standards that employees must follow. The requirements and regulations for material handling equipment vary by type of equipment, but we can help your company stay in OSHA compliance.  Dillon Toyota Lift's expert instructors train operators through a course of formal instruction, practical training, and evaluation of workplace performance to keep you in compliance with OSHA training requirements. 

Visit OSHA 1910.178 for more details.    




► 25% of forklift-related accidents are the result of inadequate training

► 260 forklift-related injuries occur every day in the United States

► OSHA imposes a $7,000-$70,000 fine for improper training

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Class designed for companies to provide their forklift operators with an in-house OSHA compliant training program. In addition to learning the safety principles taught in the operator training class, your Dillon Toyota Lift trainer reviews OSHA regulations, classroom preparation and procedures for performing a hands-on evaluation.  Train the Trainer course includes training materials for one type of forklift and classes are available at your facility or any DTL location.   




Providing safety training is the responsibility of every employer.  Dillon Toyota Lift's expert instructors train operators through a course of formal instruction, practical training, and evaluation of workplace performance to keep you in compliance with OSHA training requirements. 

We offer classes for your forklift operators and in-house trainers.



Industrial Cleaning Equipment

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Advance SW8000 Rider

Superior dust control and productivity.

The Advance SW8000™ is unsurpassed in indoor and outdoor power sweeping. A 50 inch main broom - the widest in this sweeper class - combined with full time dust-controlled dual-side brooms, creates an incredible 77 inch sweep path.

Standard Features

  •  On conventional rider sweepers, dust is controlled at the main broom only. The side brooms, the biggest source of dust, must be raised in open areas when fugitive dust is a concern. The SW8000™ is not a conventional machine. The innovative DustClear™ 5 Stage Dust Control System allows for full time use of the dual-side brooms by controlling dust along the entire sweep path – including the side brooms. Productivity is then increased by over 70% compared with conventional sweepers that control dust only at the main broom.  
  • MaxAccess™: Minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, reliability and longevity through quick and easy access to all engine and hydraulic components.  
  • Easy-to-operate: One-Touch™ controls and a single foot pedal controls direction plus activates the brooms and dust control system and offers the operator the easiest machine to use in the industry.  
  • Clear-View™: Offset hopper allows the operator to view the side broom and the area in front of the sweeper without having to lean outside the frame of the machine making it safer and more comfortable to use.  
  • Operator Safety: Hopper safety arm is controlled from the operator’s compartment. Operator is safe from moving parts through the interlocking engine cover. Impact-absorbing roto-molded body structure and 5 mile per hour bumper provides the ultimate in operator safety.  
  • True industrial designed Kubota® engine with enclosed gear driven valve train for reliable cost-effective performance  
  •  One-Touch™ lever activates and controls complete sweeping and dust control systems  
  •  DustClear 5 Stage Dust Control System minimizes fugitive dust  
  •  Sweep system only activates when machine is in motion, for increased safety and longer broom life  
  •  Wide 50 inch main broom plus the dual side brooms create a superior 77 inch dust-controlled sweep path  
  •  Comfort ride 21 inch pneumatic tires offer the operator a smoother ride with less jarring on rough surfaces


  •  Left-side broom  
  •  DustGuard™ Side Broom "Fog" System  
  •  Litter vac  
  •  Fire extinguisher  
  •  Hopper high temperature sensor  
  •  Raised air intake  
  •  Foam-filled tires  
  •  Back-up alarm  
  •  Brake / turn signals  
  •  Work lights  
  •  Amber strobe  
  •  Overhead guard  
  •  Fully-enclosed cab with optional pressurizer, heater and A/C  
  •  Suspension seat with armrest  
  •  Floor mat  
  •  Metal hopper liner  
  •  Seatbelt  
  •  Tilt steering wheel  
  •  Clogged filter indicator  
  •  Side broom guards and heavy-duty front grill  
  •  Side broom speed adjustment  

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