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Dillon Toyota Lift has successfully acquired Liftrucks Etc

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     January 1, 2024                                                                                                           Liftrucks Etc. Joins Forces with Dillon Toyota Lift We are thrilled to announce a significant development in the material handling industry. As of January 1st, 2024, Dillon Toyota Lift has successfully acquired Liftrucks Etc., marking a strategic union between two industry l
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Electric Power Forklift for Outdoor Use

Pneumatic Electric Forklifts When thinking of forklifts capable of working outdoors, many will be quick to mention an IC Pneumatic forklift . However, what is often mentioned less is an outdoor electric forklift . These forklifts are just as efficient and environmentally friendly.  The Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift is an excellent alternative to IC Pneumatic products and has many incredible benefits that can take one?s fleet to new heights. Benefits of Pneumatic Electric Forklifts: 1. Reduced Emissions without Sacrificing Power Choosing to go with an outdoor electric forklift ove
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When To Replace Forklift Tires

Knowing when it's time to replace forklift tires is essential for safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in your warehouse or industrial facility. During your pre-shift inspection, make sure to look for these warning signs that your tires may need replaced: Tread Wear: Excessive tread wear is one of the most obvious signs that your forklift tires need replacement. When the tread depth reaches the wear limit indicated on the tire, it's time for new ones. Flat Spots: If you notice flat spots or uneven wear patterns on the tire surface, it can affect the forklift's stability and perform
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Section 179 Tax Deduction Savings

Now is the time to buy capital assets. Section 179 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code provides tax benefits for businesses that purchase qualifying equipment, including forklifts. Thanks to the 2017 tax legislation, businesses have been able to deduct a significant amount of 'bonus' depreciation in the year they buy and place an asset into service. In 2023, the maximum depreciation is $1.16 million. Businesses can deduct 80% of the asset in the year you put it into service and must then depreciate the remaining 20% over the asset's life. In 2024, the first-year deduction falls to 60% of the
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Is Your Warehouse Management System Working?

Technology influx has provided operations with a more successful, data-oriented, and insights-driven approach to warehouse management. Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology allows warehouse leaders to make informed decisions about many elements of their facility, from material type to throughput to equipment. Those managers who invest heavily in the use of their WMS and who take the time to expertly learn and manage the software, become well-informed about the function of their warehouses, and give themselves a competitive advantage. The issue with maintaining that competitive advant
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Save time and money by sourcing parts for your entire fleet from Dillon Toyota Lift.  We stock both Toyota Genuine Parts and STARLIFT parts to keep your equipment performing optimally.

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Dillon Toyota Lift is here to support you.  We have a GPS dispatched team of mobile technicians ready to perform service and repairs directly from your own facility. We will provide you with the highest level of support and service in the industry.

From preventative maintenance to complete repair services, our certified technicians can be dispatched 24/7 to get your business back on track. Our service department is prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding the care and performance of your industrial equipment.


The Best Solutions For Your Warehouse

Warehouse Solutions

Increasing warehouse efficiency means strategically placing and using the right kinds of racking and equipment. It's not uncommon for warehouses to have 2-3 types of racking. Racking options include pushback, roll-formed, structural cantilever, drive-in, and more. From warehouse design and installation, racking, mezzanines, dock seals, dock levelers, conveyors, and safety equipment, we are here to help. 



Dillon Toyota Lift offers daily, weekly, and monthly forklift rentals to best fit your needs. Our rental fleets include sit-down and stand-up forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, forklift attachments, and more.

We have a wide variety of rentals available from brands like Sellick, Advance, Aisle-Master, & Toyota Industrial. Dillon Toyota Lift is proud to work with you directly to answer your questions and determine the best equipment for your particular needs.



Providing safety training is the responsibility of every employer.  Dillon Toyota Lift's expert instructors train operators through a course of formal instruction, practical training, and evaluation of workplace performance to keep you in compliance with OSHA training requirements. 

We offer classes for your forklift operators and in-house trainers.