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Advance's industrial floor cleaning equipment includes scrubbers, sweepers, floor machines, and other specialty products. Browse our selection of Advance equipment below:

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    Manufacturer: Advance
    Model: 34 RST
    MSRP: Call for Price


    Length: 61.5 in. (156 cm)
    Height: 45 in. (114 cm)
    Width: 30.5 in. (77 cm)
    Weight: 914 lbs. (415 kg) with standard batteries
    Sound Level: 69 dBA

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Horsepower: (2) 0.75 hp (560W) scrub motors
    Battery: 36V, (6) 6V (wet-acid and gel cell available) / 36V, 20A free-standing or 36V, 21A onboard chargers
    Drive System: 0.5 hp (375W) variable forward and reverse
    Wheels: (2) 13 in. (33 cm) diameter foam-filled, gray non-marking, drive


    Cleaning Path:
    34 in. (86 cm)
    44,880 sq. ft./hr. (4,170 m²/hr.) @ 3 mph max. productivity
    22,440 sq. ft./hr. (2,085 m²/hr.) @ 1.5 mph max. productivity
    Vacuum: 0.75 hp (560W) motor / 3-stage
    Brush Type: Disc
    Brush Size: 17 in. (43 cm)
    Brushes: 220 rpm speed
    Brush Pressure: 90 lbs. (41 kg) regular scrub max. / 175 lbs. (79 kg) heavy scrub max. / 250 lbs. (113 kg) extreme scrub max.
    Solution/Recovery Tanks: 30 gal. (114 l) solution and recovery tanks / Pulse control gravity feed solution control
    Squeegees: 41.9 in. (106 cm)

    Advance 34 RST

    The Advance 34 RST walk-behind automatic scrubber is built contractor grade tough for daily use by building service contractors in the retail, healthcare, and education markets. The 34 RST has a 34 inch cleaning path and 30 gallon solution and recovery tanks to provide extended cleaning time with fewer dumps and refill cycles.

    An ergonomic, durable handle uses reliable and simple to use palm switches. The 34 RST defines simplicity with One-Touch™ scrubbing. Push a single green button to start scrubbing and the red one to stop scrubbing. Training is practically non-existent for machine operators with little or no scrubber experience.

    Dimensions without squeegee.

    Standard Features

    •  One-Touch™ scrubbing  
    •  34 inch scrub path  
    •  250 pounds of down pressure maximum  
    •  Shelf charger standard  
    •  Tools-free removable nose cone  
    •  Simple and intuitive controls  
    •  Whisper-quiet 69 dBA sound level


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