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Adjustable Forks For Faster Handling

Cascade-KOOI Reachforks® provide improved versatility with automatically adjustable fork lengths. With Reachforks, you are equipped to easily manage different pallet sizes or handle multiple pallets at once. They even provide the capacity for double-deep racking, improving workflow and use of space in warehousing.

Increase the efficiency of your lift truck by using Cascade-KOOI Hydraulic Reachforks® or Hydraulic Fork Extensions. With Telescopic Forks, trailers can be loaded and unloaded from one side for increased efficiency. Usage of warehouse space can be improved by taking advantage of double-deep racking and utilizing Reachforks®. Hydraulic Fork Extensions are designed to handle different pallets (GMA/Block pallets) from either the long or short side of the pallet. Simply adjust the fork length to your long pallet or multiple pallet depth and pick the load.


  • Synchronized fork movement is ensured by the Reachfork® equalizer system, eliminating the need for a separate flow divider.
  • Unique design outer sleeve includes an integrated wear plate.
  • A reinforced heel design reduces deflection.
  • Specially designed wiper ring protects internal hydraulic components.
  • ISO ITA Class II, III, or IV mounting as standard for quick installation.


  • Available in a variety of standard lengths and strokes with custom lengths available on special order.
  • Pin type, Drop Shank, and Custom mountings available.
  • Slim model ReachForks® available for easy entry on the shorter side pockets of some pallets.
  • Pallet Stops to prevent outer fork from protruding past the pallet entry.
  • Fork Positioner Shank Lugs and Rolling Hose Kits to easily integrate into a Fork Positioner.
  • Load Backrest to support load when moving forward.
  • Extra wear strips under forks to improve fork life.
  • Stainless steel components to minimize electrical ignition hazards.  



Posted by tfinco at 11/16/2020 6:34:00 PM
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