Maintenance Program

Dillon Toyota Lift offers planned and guaranteed maintenance programs to fit every need. Having regular maintenance performed on your lift truck, sweeper, scrubber, tow tractor, and other equipment has never been easier.

Why Choose A Maintenance Program?

Dillon Toyota Lift offers you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Toyota maintenance plans provide ongoing upkeep of your forklifts and help detect any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. Our maintenance programs allow you the flexibility to choose a plan that’s right for your fleet.

Planned Maintenance (PM)

We offer planned maintenance programs for any make/model/year equipment and each plan is designed to optimize your equipment’s performance. Regularly scheduled services allow technicians to inspect and operate your equipment to identify wear and safety items that may require replacement or may improve the and safety of your forklift. Planned Maintenance Program allows us to:

Clean and Lubricate
Cleaning your forklift helps it perform better and allows our technician to access the components of your forklift to provide a more thorough service and access to lubrication points. Proper lubrication is important to extend the life of your forklift.

Perform Visual Inspections
Inspections include general maintenance, hydraulics, engine and powertrain, electrical and safety items. Our technician will provide information on the condition of these items.

Perform Operational Tests
To ensure your forklift operates at its optimal performance level, a technician will test the brake system, engine and transmission, steering, hydraulic functions, horns, lights and other safety equipment.

Full Maintenance (FM)

More information forthcoming.

Fleet Management System (FMS)

The fleet management system is a tool that utilizes a vehicle management system (VMS) to track and report operating behavior of a forklift and/or a forklift operator.  It delivers important insights about your forklift and operators to help increase uptime and profitability.

T-Matics MOBILE is intended for any size fleet. It is a cellular-based system that's ideal for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. It features a plug-and-play install (with no IT involvement), factory and field installation options, electronic hour meter collection, error code reporting and fleet utilization.

This system is designed for fleets of at least 15 forklifts. T-Matics COMMAND® is a wireless forklift management system that collects data by WiFi or iRF cellular within a designated facility. Advantages include electronic North American safety standards, checklists, automated alerts and reporting, auto-calibrated impact management, planned maintenance management, operator access control and more.

Additional Resources

Here you can find additional information about maintenance plans, fleet management, and why they are important to the lifespan of your material handling equipment.

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