Toyota's quality control system makes certain every Toyota component is constructed to the same exacting tolerances and strict quality control standards as the part it replaces. If you have a mixed fleet, we also offer STARLIFT replacement parts.

Parts Built to Perform

Dillon Toyota Lift is your one-stop-shop for high-quality parts for all-makes of forklifts, sweepers, scrubbers, personnel carriers, aerial work platforms, tow tractors and other material handling equipment.  Toyota Genuine Parts are the core of Toyota forklifts and constructed according to strict quality standards and tolerances.  Toyota's StarLift parts program sources reliable parts for more than 20 leading brands, with each part guaranteed to meet the same expectations of quality as Toyota Genuine Parts.  Whether you need forklift batteries, tires, brakes, forks, attachments, filters, chargers, or more, look no further than Dillon Toyota Lift. 


Batteries & Chargers

Choosing the right battery and charger is critical to maintaining function of forklifts and material handling equipment.



Brakes are one of the most relied-upon safety components. Properly maintaining and replacing brakes can prevent wear and tear to brake drums. 


Control Panel

Mechanical and digital controls must be maintained in order for a forklift to safely perform every time.



Engines and motors in peak operating condition will reduce downtime to a minimum while maximizing the material handling work that can be performed.



Find the right filter for the job to ensure clean and efficient airflow to your forklift's most important components.



Repairing or replacing a damaged fork is vital to safely operating any forklift within OSHA standards.



Tires offer both support and stability. Different tire types and materials may be necessary depending on the machine's operating environment.



The transmission is a critical part of any forklift's power train. Regular maintenance will ensure a longer life for your transmission and machine.


Parts Locations

Finding replacement parts for your lift truck, sweeper, scrubber, tow tractor, and other material handling equipment has never been easier. Find a location near you today.



Our expert technicians will provide you with exceptional service and support 24/7 and will even perform maintenance at your facility. Find out more about servicing your industrial equipment today.

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