Sometimes you need more than just a pair of forks!  For these loads, an attachment will help add flexibility to rotate, push, pull, clamp, lift, sideshift any product.  

Attachments For Every Job

Attachments enable the conventional lift truck to become more versatile and efficient.  From Paper Roll Clamps and Carton Clamps to Multiple Load Handlers, Push Pulls and Layer Pickers, there is an attachment for nearly every industry and application.   Browse our selection of attachments including a variety of clamps, forks, rotators, pickers, and other specialty material handling products below.

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Fork Positioners


  • Increase Productivity
    by moving the forks without getting off of the truck seat and accurately placing the load without additional truck maneuvering.
  • Reduce Damage
    to pallets and product by ensuring the forks are in the ideal position for the load being handled.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    is achieved without welding and the use of a Sequence Valve or RFHC (Radio Frequency Hydraulic Control) permits the use of a single auxiliary valve to control an additional function.


  • Many Fork Mounting Options
    available to match your application. Hook-on style forks, bolt-on forks, weighing forks (iForks) or Telescopic Forks are all compatible with many Fork Positioners.
  • Heavy Duty Load Backrests
    are available for all Fork Positioners to help stabilize your load.
  • Various Opening Ranges 
    to suit most any application are available from narrow aisle, zero closing units to extra wide opening units extending far beyond the width of the truck.


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