Sometimes you need more than just a pair of forks!  For these loads, an attachment will help add flexibility to rotate, push, pull, clamp, lift, sideshift any product.  

Attachments For Every Job

Attachments enable the conventional lift truck to become more versatile and efficient.  From Paper Roll Clamps and Carton Clamps to Multiple Load Handlers, Push Pulls and Layer Pickers, there is an attachment for nearly every industry and application.   Browse our selection of attachments including a variety of clamps, forks, rotators, pickers, and other specialty material handling products below.

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    Paper Roll Clamps

    Types Available

    • 10H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 13H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 18H & 20H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 22H & 24H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 25H-30H-33H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 38H-42H Paper Roll Clamp
    • 72G Paper Roll Clamp
    • 90F & 100F Paper Roll Clamp
    • 120F & 150F Paper Roll Clamp
    • Tissue Roll Clamps
    • 1 & 2 Stack Tower Clamps
    • Sliding Arm Paper Roll Clamps
    • 2-4 Roll Pivot Arm Clamps
    • 130F & 160F Paper Roll Clamps
    • 70H-120H Paper Roll Clamps
    • Paper Roll Clamp Contact Pads


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