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Benefits of Electric Forklifts

There have been numerous changes in the lift truck industry to benefit the electric lift truck. With improved performance the electric forklift now represents around 60% of the forklift market. With more and more companies switching to the electric forklift here are some of the benefits.

In the right application, an electric forklift usually has the lowest cost of ownership and experience less downtime. Since electric lift trucks don’t have engines, transmissions or radiators you will spend less on planned maintenance and repairs. Most electric lift trucks have automatic shut off to save battery power and extend battery shift life.

Lift truck operator productivity is oftentimes higher with electric forklifts. Toyota offers an AC drive motor for quicker acceleration, higher top speeds and smoother direction changes to move more pallets per hour. There are less hand, arm, and foot movements, and have reduced emissions resulting in improved working conditions. They also produce less noise and vibration in operation, providing a safer work environment and reducing operator fatigue.

Electric forklifts can work in smaller spaces and often narrower aisles. The turning radius is typically better which can increase storage space. The center of gravity is lower on electric forklifts which usually makes stability better at higher lifting heights.

With today’s AC motor technology, electric forklifts are able to perform as well as an IC truck in many applications. The electric lift truck may not be the best option for every application, but with the advancements it should not be an option you overlook.


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